The general meeting of parents is a fundamental element in the functioning of a school. It plays several crucial roles that help establish a fulfilling and stimulating school environment for our children.

Information for Parents
One of the main roles of the general assembly is to inform parents. Crucial information on school life to better understand how it works.

Presentation of the projects
The general assembly is an opportunity to present the projects and initiatives that the governing board plans to implement for the school year. This presentation informs parents of the objectives and means put in place to enrich the educational experience of students.

Creation of the Parent Participation Organization (PPO)
Parents can decide at the general meeting to form a Parent Participation Organization (PPO). This organization plays an important role in facilitating communication between parents and the school and supporting school projects. A proposed resolution must be passed to form the PPO. Here is an example of this resolution:

It is proposed by name of the nominator
And pressed by name of the presser
THAT the general assembly of parents of the school name of the school forms the PPO of the school name of the school, building or pavilion if applicable* which will accept parents wishing to get involved. Members will have to elect a presidency for a mandate to be renewed each year.


*While a school that has more than one pavilion can only have one governing board (GB), parents can decide to create several parent participation organizations (PPOs), one for each of its buildings. (Education Act, article 96.1)

Encourage vocations
The general assembly is also an opportunity to encourage parents to become actively involved in school life. Whether by sitting on the governing board or by joining one of the committees, by participating in volunteer activities, or by providing their expertise, parents are invited to contribute significantly to the development of the school and to show students the importance of community engagement.

Annual Report and Accountability
The general assembly includes the presentation of the annual report of the Governing Board, where we take stock of the past year. This report covers the school’s successes, challenges, and finances. This accountability is essential to ensure transparency and strengthen parents’ confidence in school management.

Election of Representatives
A key role of the general assembly is the election of parent representatives to the school board and the parents committee. These representatives participate in decision-making and contribute to improving students’ learning conditions.

Legal obligation
Finally, the general assembly meets a legal obligation stipulated by article 47 of the Public Education Act. This obligation aims to guarantee the active participation of parents in the operation and management of schools.


The preparation of the general meeting of parents, carried out at the end of the previous school year (May/June), is essential to ensure its success and effectiveness, to maximize participation, improve its progress and lay the foundations for good communication between the school and parents.

Evaluation of the previous general meeting
Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the previous general meeting helps identify what worked well and what could be improved. This allows you to avoid past mistakes and continue with what worked well.

Attract parents
Careful preparation includes strategies to attract as many parents as possible to the assembly. The higher the participation, the more the discussions and decisions are representative of the needs and expectations of all students. A less formal, more friendly invitation letter with a touch of humor will attract attention.

Improve one aspect per year
Focusing on improving one specific aspect each year promotes continuous, measurable progress. And by announcing it in the invitation, we will attract the parents.

Have a project
A project to be carried out demonstrates the dynamism and vision of the school, thus encouraging the commitment of parents who will really have the impression of contributing to improving the life of the school.

Preparatory meetings
Meet with management and teachers before the meeting to ensure their support or adherence to the project and objectives for the year. These meetings facilitate coherent communication and a well-structured presentation.

Plan an action plan
A draft action plan for the presented project will make its implementation more concrete. We ensure a better understanding of the steps to come. This avoids raising unrealistic expectations.


Calling the general meeting requires careful planning and clear communication. By announcing the date in June, sending reminders and including a detailed agenda, we encourage active and informed participation from parents.

Plan the Date
Choosing and announcing the date of the general assembly well in advance, before the end of the previous school year, allows parents to plan their participation. It is best to set the date no later than September 20. This way, we will have enough time to resubmit within 4 days in the event of a problem. The general meeting must be held no later than September 30.

Responsibility of the chair
The chair of the governing board is responsible for convening the parents’ meeting.

Announcement in June
A first announcement in June informs parents of the planned date and the importance of the event. This initial announcement serves to raise awareness and mobilize parents at the end of the school year.

Formal notice at least 4 days before
A formal notice must be sent to parents at least four days before the date of the general meeting. This formal notice must contain all the details necessary to attend the meeting in an informed manner.

Invitation in June and formal notice in August
Sending an invitation in June and an formal notice in August helps remind parents of the date of the meeting and maximizes participation. The initial invitation serves to inform and arouse curiosity, while the formal notice confirms the practical details.

The agenda
The formal notice must include a detailed agenda. This allows parents to know in advance what topics will be covered and to prepare for the discussions.

Example of formal notice

Word template (.docx) to help you write your notice for a general meeting of parents.

Example of an agenda

Word template (.docx) to help you write your agenda for a general meeting of parents.


Organizing a general meeting of parents requires well-thought-out logistics to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Here are the essential points to take into account to ensure the success of your assembly.

The first step is to choose a room suitable for the size of the congregation. It is important to provide a projector for presentations. Be sure to do a technical test before the event to avoid last minute surprises. The room should also be equipped with comfortable chairs for adults. Arranging chairs to promote good visibility and active participation is essential.

It is recommended to mobilize one or two people to welcome parents. They must be well informed and able to answer questions from participants. A warm welcome helps create a friendly atmosphere from the start of the meeting. A sheet for parents to indicate their presence should be available at reception.

Sufficient documents
To facilitate the smooth running of the meeting, it is important to prepare and distribute the necessary documents in sufficient numbers. This includes the agenda and minutes from the previous year. These documents must be easily accessible to all participants, either in paper or digital version, depending on preferences and available means.

It is essential to provide a sufficient number of ballot papers as well as a ballot box to collect them. The voting procedure must be clearly explained to participants to ensure the transparency and efficiency of the process.

Providing drinks and coffee for participants is a touch that will certainly be appreciated. This helps create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Consider placing these refreshments in an accessible location, and make sure they remain available throughout the meeting.

Friendly animation
The animation of the assembly must be dynamic and engaging. Although the general assembly is a well-supervised procedure that follows established protocols, it is important to ensure that it is a pleasant moment for the participants.

Form for evaluation
At the end of the meeting, distribute an evaluation form to collect participants’ impressions and suggestions. This feedback is valuable for improving the organization of future assemblies. The form can be paper or digital, depending on participant preferences.

By respecting these logistical points, the general meeting of parents will be pleasant and productive for all participants. Careful preparation and attention to detail will ensure the success of this crucial event for school parents.


Organizing a general meeting of parents requires not only careful preparation, but also anticipation of unforeseen events that may arise.

Absence of the chair
It is crucial to have a backup plan in case the chair is absent. If the chair cannot be present, it is important to plan for the appointment of an assembly president. This replacement must be chosen in advance and informed of his responsibilities to guarantee the continuity of the assembly.

Absence of a candidate
If a parent wishing to apply cannot attend the meeting, they can plan to prepare a letter or a video presentation in advance. In case of absence, this presentation can be shared with the participants. Ideally, this parent should make sure to provide power of attorney to another person to represent their interests.

For there to be a functional governing board, it is essential that at least 4 parents are elected to it. To compensate for a lack of parents elected at the meeting, a new invitation can be sent within four working days. We must ensure that all parents are informed of the change. Use various means of communication (emails, telephone messages, posters at school) to ensure that the information is well received.

Make sure you have a proxy from parents, spouse or others that could be submitted in the event of a lack of applications to fill the 4 minimum positions.

Force majeure
In the event of force majeure, such as a power outage or emergency situation, it is important to have planned a date allowing a new meeting to be convened within 4 working days.



General Meeting
The articles of law concerning the general assembly of parents are: 47 , 51.1 , 52 and 54 .

The articles of law concerning the Parent Participation Organization are: 96 , 96.1 , 96.2 , 96.3 and 96.4 .