Laval, Monday, April 25, 2022 – The Regroupement des Comités de Parents Autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ) would like to highlight National Volunteer Week, whose theme this year is Empathy In Action.

There is a Persian proverb that says: Others have sown what nourishes me, I in turn sow what will nourish others. This is an excellent illustration of the contribution of volunteerism. The action of volunteering is benevolence, compassion, dedication, fraternity and empathy, sensitivity and solidarity or in one word: humanity.

The volunteers who offer their time for our schools provide our children with concrete examples of this humanity. They provide learning that is not necessarily in the curriculum, but that helps build a foundation for our children to become citizens who will, in turn, be able to take care of their communities. They really are Empathy in action.

We would particularly like to highlight the volunteer parents involved in the parents’ committees, governing boards and PPO. There is not a parent who is going to spend their time in one of these instances because it is more enjoyable than family time. We are there because we believe that our involvement can make a real difference for our children, our schools and our communities.

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