Laval, Monday, May 10, 2021 — The Quebec School Daycare’s Week begins today and all of the members of the Regroupement des comités de parents autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ) wish to celebrate all these people who welcome our children, every day, with kindness and affection, in the big and small moments, of their school experience.

To all those women and men that every parent meets, sometimes a little too quickly, in the morning or at the end of the day, we offer these important words:

Fatima, she loves us for real, because when she prepares our snacks, she cuts the grapes in half, just like Grandma Danielle!  — Emma, ​​6 years old

Thank you, Ms. Lyne, for always allowing us to finish one last game when we’re out playing soccer and it’s time to come in. This way, there is no bickering! — Edouard, 11 years old

François is very funny: he’s able to go through the whole lunch routine while changing his voice or doing hilarious impressions!  — Jeanne, 9 years old

The other day I fell while playing Tunnel Tag, hurt myself and ripped my pants. Madame Celine brought me ice and she stayed with me after school, until my daddy arrived. I’m better today… — Henri, 7 years old

I like going to school in the morning, because Sandra and Catherine, when they open the door for us, they always say they’re happy to see us. Even when it rains! — Pamela, 5 years old…

Anecdotes and thanks like these, the parents of the RCPAQ still have thousands to share! As part of this Quebec School Daycare’s Week, the Regroupement would like to salute and thank all these people who shape the daily life of our children, for their smiles, their care, their hard work, and for all the rest that is asked of them, whether it’s within their assigned task… or not…! 

To all of you, thank you !

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About the Regroupement des comités de parents autonomes du Québec

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