Laval, Monday, February 8th, 2021 ― It’s with great joy that the Regroupement des comités de parents autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ) now welcomes its fifth member : the Parents’ Committee for the Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) !

With their linguistic specificity, parents from this English-speaking school board, that educates nearly 6000 students in all the public Anglophone schools of South East Québec (Estrie and Montérégie regions), had different options at their disposal to be represented at the national level. We’re proud to say that they chose the direct democracy and the swift responsiveness that the RCPAQ’s structure can offer, which better responds to the needs of their Parents’ Committee.

The RCPAQ continues its growth, and at a fast pace! While establishing new ways to work and organize itself, the RCPAQ’s team, for now entirely composed by parents and volunteers, can carry out its mission efficiently, always in full cooperation, tenacity and purpose.

As all other parents’ organizations, the RCPAQ awaits its three-year public funding. Its volunteers have been working tirelessly for almost a full year now, participating in various committees, at every level, and representing parents involved in the public school system, dutifully and conscientiously. 

School is changing, and adapting to new realities, so does parental representation.

A hearty welcome to all our newfound colleagues !
Bienvenue à nos nouveaux et nouvelles collègues !

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About the Regroupement des comités de parents autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ):

Founded through the collaboration of several parents’ committees, the RCPAQ serves  more than 1,500 parents committed within the public school system, in each of their regions, and represents the families of more than 200,000 students, or nearly 20% of all students in Québec.